Milwaukee Job Market

Job Data

Following is information about some of the services that are offered at the Department of Workforce Development's Web site:

State Wage Data: Provides average annual wage for a particular occupation. The information is based on a statewide sampling of employers. The report is located under "wages" in the OEA Products folder at

Job Opportunities: A database that allows users to query by type of job wanted, location wanted, or employer. Lists information about the job, including salary range, duties, minimum eligibility qualifications and contact information. Website: 

Market Information: A variety of lists detailing the state's fastest-growing occupations, occupations with the greatest self-employment, and occupations expected to see the greatest job loss from 1992 through 2005. Website: 

Temporary Employment 

Many people who move to the metropolitan area are cautious about jumping feet-first into a full-time job. Instead, they sign up with temporary staffing firms, which offer many of the advantages of full-time work, including benefits and training, but offer more flexible working arrangements. People can work as many hours or days as they want and can easily start or stop their work with that firm. This approach helps people become familiar with a variety of employers and locations within the metropolitan area. It can also provide the training people may need to make a career switch. Milwaukee is fortunate in that it has many well-regarded temporary staffing firms.