Moving to Milwaukee?

Get ready to experience something wonderful!   You’ll find urban living and a Midwest ambiance combine to provide an ideal work-life balance for modern living.  Short commute times, big city amenities, diverse and affordable neighborhoods, below average cost of living, an abundance of natural resources and a nationally recognized education system all come together during an unprecedented time of opportunity and growth.  What are you waiting for?  Now is the time.  Welcome to all!

Family Moving to Milwaukee
You've made the decision to move to Milwaukee, and we are so glad that you did! Now you need to check a few boxes to get settled. Following is information that will come in handy as you get established in MKE!
There are many factors that will influence your quality of life in the Milwaukee region. First, and foremost, you'll have to decide if you want the urban vibe of a downtown neighborhood, or the feel of a suburban community. There are 90 communities in the five county metropolitan area, each with its own distinct advantages. Will you rent or buy? Staying healthy and fit is also an important part of the lifestyle you choose.
Looking for ideas on what to do in Milwaukee? You will be hard-pressed to find a weekend in Milwaukee when there is nothing to do. Milwaukee offers non-stop, year-round fun!
Southeastern Wisconsin is an innovation powerhouse that is helping to set the standards in finance, automation, medical imaging, software, green technology and advanced manufacturing.
If there's one thing Wisconsin residents take pride in, it's their schools - and it's for good reason. From Kindergarten throughout college, the state excels in academic achievement and offers its residents a wide range of educational opportunities, both public and private.

Milwaukee Stories

Stephanie's family at the Brewer's game
Meet Stéphanie Van Stichelen

We made the move to Milwaukee from France because I was offered a job at the Medical College of Wisconsin. With the neighborhood we moved to, I was happy to find that everything was pretty much walkable. There is also something new to see and experience every season. I like how Milwaukee is like a little sense of Chicago, yet it is still affordable. Everything is very close in proximity like a big city, yet it is easy to navigate.

I got a copy of the Discover Milwaukee Relocation Guide when I got my offer for the job at the Medical College of Wisconsin. I think the Relocation Guide was perfect for planning a move. Whenever we needed more information I went online and signed up for the Facebook page and got information from there. If we needed help, we could look to the guide for more information.

New 2 MKE

The Midwestern town with a big city feel, from the beautiful view of Lake Michigan to the Milwaukee Art Museum's Calatrava, Milwaukee will take your breath away with daily views that can't be topped. This diverse city is foodie heaven and musical madness, with constant festivals and things to do for fun. Who wouldn't want to live here? 

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