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"HOT" Areas to Live

We have selected two ways to identify upscale communities – communities with the highest median incomes and communities with highest median home sales prices. 

Communities with the Highest Median Incomes

The five communities with the highest median incomes in 2018 were: River Hills ($156,250) and Fox Point ($115,523) in Milwaukee County; and Lac La Belle ($154,375), Chenequa ($144,500) and Merton ($133,315) in Waukesha County.  

Communities with the Highest Home Sales Prices

The five communities with the highest median home sales prices in 2018 were: Chenequa ($1.3 million), Oconomowoc Lake ($1.2 million), Elm Grove ($499,000) and Summit ($438,800) in Waukesha County; and River Hills ($796,000) in Milwaukee County. 

Communities with Top Performing Schools

The five communities with the highest performing schools according to district report card scores (out of 100) in 2017-2018 were: Hartland-Lakeside (96.6), Lake Country (93.0), Fox Point/Bayside (91.8), Merton (91.3) and Whitefish Bay (90.1).

Terms & Sources

Following is a description of the community information used:

  • Median Income: Based on the 2010 Census and adjusted to account for wage inflation between 2010 and 2018
  • Median Home Sales Price: Based on January-September 2018 sales prices from the Multiple Listing Service and the Trulio home sale website
  • School Performance: District report card scores based on 2017-2018 data as provided by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction