414 ways to share your Milwaukee pride on 414 day

14 Ways to Share Your Milwaukee Pride on 414 Day

  1. Post a photo of your favorite spot in Milwaukee and tag the business/ location



  2. Order takeout from your favorite Milwaukee restaurant



  3. Buy a gift card or shop online at your favorite Milwaukee store

                      Shop Local


  4. Write a nice comment on your favorite MKE business' social media

  5. Wear a Milwaukee shirt or Milwaukee colors (blue and yellow)

                                               Brew City Shirt


  6. Watch an old game of your favorite Milwaukee sports team

  7. Drink your favorite local craft beer

             Craft Beer


  8. Hop in your car and play Ispy around town



  9. Have a Happy Days marathon

                       Happy Days


  10. Think of something in Milwaukee that starts with the letters spelling out Milwaukee (Hint: Milwaukee public Market for M)

  11. Listen to local music on 88.9 Radio Milwaukee



  12. Pick up a pint of Kopp’s famous custard



  13. Sink your teeth into some squeaky cheese curds from lakefront Brewery



  14. Help 414 by supporting Milwaukee-area fundraisers with this link https://www.milwaukeeday.com/festival

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