b'Things to Know When You MoveUtilitiesChecking the BoxesUnless youre carefully organized,moving can disintegrate into a nightmare of seemingly endless, last-minute headaches. Theres always something thats forgotten in the rush, and that something can often consume a lot of time when trying to fix it from far away. The key to avoiding these hassles is to make a list of the things that have to be done and then accomplish those tasks using a steady and determined approach.Following is information that will come in handy as Drivingyou prepare to move and settle into your new community. UtilitiesUtilities are an important consideration in any move. Because there are several options for telephone service, internet and home-heating solutions, be sure to consider all of the Petsalternatives before you make a selection. Also remember that utility connections can take anywhere from one week to one month to complete from the time you place the order.Electricity/ Natural Gas We Energies serves more Votingthan 1.1 million electric cus-tomers and 1.1 million natu-ral gas customers in 84 YOUR RELOCATION RESOURCE'