b'Start Your SearchHere! Taxco/MandelAffordable rentsBelow is an alphabetical listing of apartment homes included in the Apartment Living section. The numbers correspond to the squares on the maps at right, which indicate the approximate and walkablelocation of each property. Detailed information can be found in the geographic area neighborhoodsindicated in parentheses. that put1. 42 Hundred on the Lake 4200 South Lake Drive (Downtown) 2. Ascent 700 E. Kilbourn Ave. (Downtown) apartment homes3. The Artisan at Georgetown Square 15905 W. Wisconsin Ave. (West) 4. Bayshore Place 5699 N. Centerpark Way (North Shore) near restaurants,5. Beaumont Place 401 E. Beaumont Ave. (North Shore) 6. Bely 2200 N. Commerce St. (Downtown) entertainment7. BridgeWalk 205 W. St. Paul Ave. (West) 8. Centennial Park 500 E. Centennial Dr. (South)venues and9. The Chiswick at Dunwood 7700 N. Port Washington Rd. (North Shore) 10. City Green 1100 N. Cass St. (Downtown) parkland have11. The Club at Brookfield Hills 1200 Club Cir. (West) 12. Corcoran Lofts @ Gaslight 444 E. Corcoran Ave. (Downtown) made Milwaukee13. The Corners of Brookfield 260 N. Lord St. (West) an ideal location14. Coronet 1901 N. Prospect Ave. (Downtown) 15. Crescent 10430 W. Innovation Dr. (Wauwatosa) for apartment16. DoMUS 441 E. Erie St. (Downtown)17. East Pointe Commons 1404 N. Van Buren St. (Downtown) living. Hundreds18. Echelon9810 Echelon Ln. (Wauwatosa) 19. Element 924 S. 5th St. (Downtown) of new apartment20. Encore 1623 N. Jackson St. (Downtown) 21. Falcon Glen 5049 Falcon Glen Blvd. (South)homes are22. Foxhaven 21805 Foxhaven Run #1 (West)23. Gaslight Lofts 425 E. Menomonee St. (Downtown)opening24. Georgetown Square 16505 W. Wisconsin Ave. (West)throughout the25. Hackney House 1550 Valley Rd. (West)26. Jefferson Block 143 N. Jackson St. (Downtown five-county27. KinetiK 2160 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. (Downtown) 28. Library Hill 740 W. Wisconsin Ave. (Downtown) region to keep up29. LightHorse 4041 4041 N. Oakland Ave. (North Shore) 30. The Linx Club at Brookfield Hills 995 Pinehurst Ct. (West) with demand. 31. The Locklyn 1350 Kari Ct. (West) 32. The North End 1551 N. Water St. (Downtown) 33. NOVA 1237 N. Van Buren Ave. (Downtown) 34. Oakton Beach W289 N2183 Louis Ave., #1 (West)35. The Orchard 9010 W. Forest Home Ave. (South)36. Park Lafayette Towers 2036 N. Prospect Ave. (Downtown)37. Poplar Creek 20200 Poplar Creek Pkwy. (West) 38. PrairieWalk at Brookfield Towne Ctr. 3755 Brookfield Rd. (West) 48 YOUR RELOCATION RESOURCE'