b'Schools Wisconsin public schools rank for All Ages 13th in the nation overallSchools: Public & PrivateI f theres one thing Wisconsin residents take pride in, its their schoolsand for good reason. At every levelprimary, secondary and higher educationthe state excels in academic achievement and offers its residents a wide range of educational opportunitiesboth public and private. In addition to the many nationally recognized public schools, the five-county southeastern Wisconsin region has hundreds of high-performing private and parochial schools, many of which have deep roots. Marquette University High School, for example, is more than 150 years old, St Johns Northwestern Military Academy was founded in 1884 and the University School of Milwaukee dates back to 1851.Concordia UniversityOverviewPublic School ExcellenceWisconsin schools have consistently been ranked among the best in the nation even though they spend less per pupil than most urban areas. In Milwaukee County, school districts areUniversity Schoolunified, which meansPrivate & Parochial they include elementary, middle and high schools. In suburban counties, however, there can be separate school districts for elementary and high schools. In these situations, several elementary school districts will feed into a single high school district. Information about areaPublicpublic schools is provided on pages 40, 42 and 44. The state also publishes report cards for all public schools. For more information, please see page 38. Strong Private Marquette UniversityEducation Colleges & UniversitiesAlverno College In adition to excellent public 30 YOUR RELOCATION RESOURCE'