b'Living YourWith an affordable cost of living, great employment Best Life inopportunities, family-friendly activities and a dining scene . its no wonder that Brew City is one of the best places to live in MKE the U.S.- Extraspace.comMilwaukee LivingThere are a lot of factors that make the Milwaukee area such a special place to live and work. Following are some examples: Space Abounds:Milwaukee is spread out. Despite having many big-city offerings, Milwaukee has a density about half that of Chicago, and less than a fourth that of New York.And with miles of lakefront beach and one of the largest urban park systems in the country, there is plenty for you to do outside.Easy & Accessible: VISIT MilwaukeeMilwaukee is easy to getA beautiful locationaround. The metro area boasts one of the best com-mute times in the country22 minutes each way. And if you dont feel like driving, the city is known for its walkable neighborhoods. Affordable:If youre looking to buy a home, youVISIT Milwaukee/Nick Collurawill likely be surprised atGreat peoplehow far your money will go. Youll also be pleasantly surprised at your dining and entertainment costs.A Booming A Perfect Location Downtown:Milwaukee is ideally located in the heart of theMilwaukee is being transformed by newVISIT MilwaukeeUpper Midwest/Great Lakes region of the Uniteddevelopments, including theLots to doStates. Situated on the western shores of LakeDeer District entertainment Michigan, one of the five Great Lakes, it is a 90- destination, apartment communities and office minute drive from downtown Chicago, a five- buildings. hour drive from Minneapolis-St. Paul andDiverse Music:Indianapolis, and slightly more than an hour away from Madison, the capital of Wisconsin.Milwaukee offers a wide range of music with anWisconsins fabled Northwoods and Michigansopera company, symphony, Upper Peninsula are just three hours away.venues of all sizes and theDreamstime/Jeremy Lushewitzworlds largest rock-n-rollA rich historymusic festival. discovermilwaukee.com 9'