b'Milwaukee isGrowing ranked as oneof the top cities Careersfor young professionals.ResourcesFinding a Job In addition to many online recruitment services, the state offers free services through theWisconsin Department of Workforce Development, a state agency charged with delivering effective and inclusive services to meet the states diverse workforce needs. It provides job services, training and employment assistance toTechnology, financial services and advanced people looking for work through its statewide network of Jobsmanufacturing drive the economy Centers. For information, visit:jobcenterofwisconsin.com M ilwaukee has been a center of commercesince the Potawatomi Indians first Networkingsettled along the shores of the Menomonee River and Lake Michigan hundreds of years ago. The regions research facilities, educational institutions and The Milwaukee Region offers amanufacturing plants are now paving the way for new medical technologies, battery-variety of networking opportuni- powered cars, alternative power solutions, freshwater science and the Internet of ties that can help you meet peo- Things. ple. They include: The seven-county Milwaukee Region flourishes with 50,000 businesses, 1 million employ-FUEL Milwaukee: A community- ees and a gross economic product of $100 billion. It is fueled by a healthy balance of long-engagement program for youngtime manufacturing icons and next-generation companies. The metro region is home to 14 professionals and newFortune 1000 companies, which is high for a region its size.Milwaukee residents, FUELThere are many reasons why so many multi-national companies call the Milwaukee Region Milwaukee developshome, why entrepreneurs choose Milwaukee to set up shop, and why Forbes magazine programming and events aroundhas ranked Milwaukee one of the top ten communities for young professionals. It also networking and socializing, civichas one of the nations highest concentrations per capita of best companies to work for, engagement and communityaccording to the Great Places to Work Institute. The region promotes diversity. The building, leadership andMetropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerces Region of Choice initiative, for development, and volunteerism.example, seeks to increase the minority talent employed at area companies.It hosts three to four events per month for its approximatelyManufacturing remains an important engine for the regions economy. The region is a 7,000 registered members.national leader in the production of industrial controls, steel foundry parts, engines and fuelmilwaukee.orgmining machinery. It also is a leader in the production of medical diagnostic equipment.Social X MKE: EngagesService-providing jobs account for more than 80 percent of all nonfarm jobs in the area. Millennial and Generation Z inHealth care and social assistance, professional and business services, retail trade, out-of-the-box social events athospitality and food services, and finance/insurance are among the largest service-some of the regions hiddensector segments in the region. Five Milwaukee-area service companies are ranked as gems and by curating inclusive,Fortune 500 companies: ManpowerGroup, Northwestern Mutual, and WEC Energy community-centricGroup (Milwaukee), Kohls Corp. (Menomonee Falls) and Fiserv (Brookfield).conversations. socialxmke.com For a list of large employers in the region, please see the chart at right. 18 YOUR RELOCATION RESOURCE'