b'BUILDINGYOURHOME MOVE MKETechnology homebuilders also offer design servicesIntroduce yourself and say you are Technology is a double-edged sword.with a professional who will work withconsidering buying a home from the While advances in wireless devices haveyou to develop a look that fits yourbuilder who built their home. Talk to eliminated the need to cable houses, thepersonality and budget. several owners. The more people you talk with, the more accurate an impression of ease of installation opens up a host ofa builder you will get.new opportunities and questions concerning sound systems, security, asChoosing a well as internet-enabled control of yourPurchasing Land lighting, heating/cooling and appliances.HomebuilderWhether you are buying a condo, a town- If you do decide to buy a lot on your own, house, or building a house, you want tounderstand that lot prices vary know that you are buying a good qualityconsiderably between communities and subdivisions. Legal descriptions of lots are Professional home from a reputable builder. This caneither lot & block or mete & bounds. Design Help be done by asking friends and colleaguesLot & block parcels are the most or by contacting the Metropolitanfrequently used legal description, Some people shy away from homeBuilders Association, (mbaonline.org),especially within subdivisions. They state building because of the many choicesan organization that represents approxi- the actual lot dimensions and reference a involved. Selecting interior finishes,mately 800 companies in the region. certified survey that is kept on file at the appliances, light fixtures and even doorlocal county courthouse.handles can seem to be overwhelming.Colleagues and online searches can Fortunately, many homebuilders haveprovide you with a list of activeMete & bounds parcels are often used to made the selection process easier byhomebuilders and the price ranges of thedescribe isolated or scattered lots. If the offering packages that provide differenthomes they build. Visit recently builtseller uses a mete & bounds legal looks using complementary colors,homes and subdivisions. Drive by on adescription, you should have your fixtures and hardware that can beSaturday morning when homeownersproperty surveyed to verify its actual modified by the homeowner. Manymay be outside doing chores or errands.boundaries.Special ConsiderationsThere are several issues you need to consider when choosing afirst-floor grade elevation will be and to determine how much lot. Due to the size of the investment you will be making and thefill you will have to buy or cart away from the site. risks involved, you should seek legal assistance and/or consult Garbage: Find out whether garbage collection is included in with the local building inspector before you buy. Some of theyour property taxes as a municipal service or if you will have to things you should consider are:contract with a private company.Deed Restrictions: Ask the seller for a copy of the deed so you Sewer/Septic: If you need a septic system, make sure the lot can review any restrictions or covenants that may affect thehas a recentand acceptablepercolation and soil test. Clay land you are buying. Some subdivisions, for instance, limit thesoil is prevalent in Wisconsin and can interfere with drainage. building materials you can use to build your home, specifyIf you have poor soil, you may have to install a mound-type how your home must be placed on your lot and may require aseptic system. If you have metro or storm sewer service, find third party to approve your homes design. They may evenout how much the lateral hookups will cost. prohibit you from leaving cars in the driveway. Once you have signed the deed, you are legally obligated to adhere to its Water: Check to see whether you will need a well or will have restrictions. to hook up to a community well or municipal water utility. If you have to drill a well, ask about unusual mineral content inDrainage: Any purchase offer should be contingent on thethe water. If you have a community well, ask your neighbors parcel not being located in a floodplain and you should doublehow it is working. If you have municipal water, find out the check with the city engineer or building inspector. In addition,connection costs. you will want to know how the lot drains and whether it is a Impact Fees: In an effort to control development, some com-catch basin or run off from other lots. The county surveyorsmunities have implemented impact fees that are assessed to office should have topographical maps to identify drainagenew homes when they are built. These fees can range from patterns.$500 to more than $5,000 and are typically used to offset theElectricity/Gas: Check with the local utilities about availabilitycost of expanding schools and the community infrastructure and hookup costs.to accommodate new developments. Check to see whether an impact fee has been imposed or is being considered in theFill: Check with the building inspector to find out what yourcommunity where you plan to build. 80 YOUR RELOCATION RESOURCE'