b"SCHOOLS: PUBLIC & PRIVATE MOVE MKEhealth and safety regulations. For more information, call the DPI atsubjects in the target language, whether it be French, German, (800) 441-4563 or visitdpi.wi.gov/sms/charter-schools. Spanish or something else. Other magnet schools focus on Virtual charter schools provide all or a portion of their instructionSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), the arts, and through the internet. The students and instructional staff arespecific vocational or career paths.typically located in different geographic areas. Like other charterBecause magnet schools attract students from throughout the schools, virtual schools are publicly funded, nonsectarian schoolsdistrict, students must apply and meet specific academic and exempt from many regulations that apply to traditional publicdemographic criteria. Not all school districts have specialty schools. Pupils typically attend from their homes andschools. Visit the school districts website, or call the office, to see communicate with teachers using e-mail or online discussions. if there are magnet-school options within the district in which you are interested.Magnet & Specialty SchoolsDual Enrollment Specialty or magnet schools attract students from throughout the school district who are interested in a special curricular focus. InA variety of programs allow high school students to be dually language-immersion schools, for example, students learn coreenrolled in high school and college to earn both high school and college credits. These programs can make college more affordable for families and introduce students to college-level coursework while they are still in high school.Wisconsin currently offers courses through the Early College Credit Program and the Start College Now program. These programs allow high school students to take one or more courses at an institution of higher education for high school and/or college credit. For details, visit dpi.wi.gov/dual-enrollment. Public School Listings The information about public elementary and secondary schools found on the following pages was compiled from state records and information supplied by the schools. NA means specific information for that school was not available.Please refer to the Area Communities section of Discover HOW SCHOOLS COMPARE Milwaukee (Pages 61-75) to find the school district(s) serving specific communities.The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) Accountability: District report card accountability scores produces report cards for every publicly funded school andindicate district performance based on 2021-2022 data (see district in the state as part of the state accountability system.sidebar at left for more information)The report cards include data on multiple indicators for Enrollment: Enrollment figures based on September 2022 data multiple years across four priority areas: Achievement,supplied by the school district. If multiple numbers listed, the Growth, Target Group Outcomes, and On-track tofirst number is high school enrollment and the second number Graduation. A school or district's overall accountability scoreis district enrollment.places it into one of five accountability ratings:Cost Per Student: Total costs per student based on 2020-2021 data provided by the state Department of Public Instruction; Significantly Exceeds Expectations 83-100percentage indicates amount of total costs spent on student Exceeds Expectations 70-82.9instructionMeets Expectations 58-69.9 Attend College, ACT Score and APT Pass Rate: Projections Meets Few Expectations 48-57.9for students planning to attend college based on 2019-2020 information (first percentage is for four-year school, second Fails to Meet Expectations 47.9 percentage is for two-year school); average ACT score and percentage of students passing APT based on 2020-2021 The charts on these pages provide the accountability score forinformation provided by the stateschool districts. Ratings for individual schools within a district Schools: The first number represents the number ofare available at http://apps2.dpi.wi.gov/reportcards/elementary schools, second number represents the number of middle schools and third number represents the number ofhigh schools in the district.38 YOUR RELOCATION RESOURCE"