b'WAUKESHA COUNTY MOVE MKEdevelopments and business parks. Sussex is home to Quad, one of the worlds largest commercial printers and a major employer in Wisconsin. Lake CountryOconomowocPewaukeeHartland MertonDelafieldSummitDousmanChenequa NashotahOconomowoc LakeLac La Belle Bright blue lakes and rolling hills punctuate this desirable area in northwestern Waukesha County. Boating and fishing are popular in an area filled with natural wonders, many of them created byHartlandglaciers thousands of years ago. Lapham Peak in the Kettle Moraine State Forest near Delafield is the highest point in theDelafield has taken on a decidedly historic theme, with several county with an elevation of 1,233 feet above sea level. It is nearbuildings designed in Williamsburg-style motifs. It also is home to one of the hottest development areas, with many new upscaleSt. Johns Northwestern Academies, one of the oldest and most homes and subdivisions near Oconomowoc and Delafield.respected leadership schools in the nation.Lake Country was once known as the Newport of the West. Between 1870 and 1930, hundreds of Milwaukee, Chicago and St. MUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2022 WebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales PriceLouis residents took the train to Oconomowoc to relax at the Tax Rate resorts or in one of the areas many palatial houses. Lake Road in CHENEQUA$173,57140 minutes$2,049,000Oconomowoc Lake used to be known as Presidents Avenue chenequa.org593 25 miles $11.09 because so many of the countrys leaders vacationed here, Schools: Swallow; North Lake; Stone Bank; Lake Country; Arrowhead including Taft, Grant, Cleveland, Coolidge, McKinley and Teddy DELAFIELD$87,04540 minutes$480,000Roosevelt.cityofdelafield.com7,23524 miles $12.43 Hartland is located in the center of Waukesha Countys Lake Schools: Kettle Moraine; Arrowhead; Oconomowoc; Lake Country Country. Twelve major lakes are located within five miles of the DOUSMAN$66,79245 minutes$416,000village, which features a scenic downtown surrounded by homes villageofdousman.com2,37730 miles $15.06 dating back to the 1920s. Pewaukee is located on the northeastern Schools: Kettle Moraine edge of Pewaukee Lake, the largest lake in the area for sailing, HARTLAND$88,38240 minutes$551,000waterskiing, boating and swimming. It also yields more fish per villageofhartland.com9,434 25 miles $11.67 acre than any other lake in the state. Local and national sailing Schools: Hartland-Lakeside J3; Arrowhead; Swallow regattas are common throughout the summer. During the winter, LAC LA BELLE$159,16745 minutes$1,192,000the lake is speckled with ice-fishing shanties. Given the beauty of villageoflaclabelle.com303 30 miles $13.60 its natural surroundings and its central location in the metropolitan Schools: Oconomowoc region, this area is home to many new subdivisions and business MERTON$154,46440 minutes$826,000parks. Chenequa is a small, exclusive community that features expansive homes wrapped around the shores of prestigious Pine villageofmerton.com3,75632 miles $10.29 Lake. Schools: Merton; Arrowhead; Swallow; RichmondNASHOTAH$100,62540 minutes$641,500 nashotah-wi.gov1,359 25 miles New Berlin/Muskego $10.31Schools: Lake Country; ArrowheadOCONOMOWOC$95,91445 minutes$381,000Although originally settled in the 1800s, most of this area was oconomowoc-wi.gov17,808 30 miles $13.83 developed in the last 50 years as Milwaukee moved westward. Schools: Oconomowoc; Arrowhead; Stone Bank New Berlin boasts many beautiful homes, with a variety of subdivisions, as well as condominium and apartment complexes in OCONOMOWOC LAKE$216,25045 minutes$1,437,000 oconlake.com60730 miles $13.03 MUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2022 Schools: Oconomowoc WebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales Price Tax RatePEWAUKEE$110,26945 minutes$412,000MUSKEGO$104,08225 minutes$359,500 cityofpewaukee.us14,94825 miles $11.60 cityofmuskego.org25,70415 miles $11.58Schools: Waukesha; Hamilton; Arrowhead; Pewaukee; RichmondSchools: Muskego-NorwaySUMMIT$121,87545 minutes$521,000NEW BERLIN$87,24825 minutes$350,500 summitvillage.org5,15930 miles $13.60 newberlin.org40,82114 miles $14.39Schools: Oconomowoc; Kettle Moraine Schools: New Berlin; West Allis-West Milwaukee; Elmbrook; Muskego-Norway68 YOUR RELOCATION RESOURCE'