b'OZAUKEE COUNTY MOVE MKE4384 57Belgium32FredoniaNewburgHPort Washington/Dreamstime: Bmosh99 33Port 32Ozaukee County Washington33Historic Villages & Saukville 32 LakeSuburban Energy 143 MichiganLocated just to the north of Milwaukee County, Ozaukee is theGraftonsecond-smallest county in the state and the least-populated60 NN 60county in the metropolitan area; however, it is a virtual treasure chest of historical sites and stunning lakefront landscapes. Rated in 2021 by Niche as the best Wisconsin county in which to live, it is also one of the more rapidly developing counties in theCedarburgarea. Mequon and Thiensville have become prime locations forN43residential developments because of their proximity toMilwaukee. Ozaukee County is best known, however, for its many quaint3 milestowns, country inns, and octagonal barns. Mequon32Stretching vertically along the Lake Michigan shoreline north of Milwaukee, Ozaukee County has kept its rich commercial heritageThiensvillealive. Cedarburgs Cedar Creek Settlement, a collection of 18 shops, boutiques and galleries housed in a restored woolen mill, is167 167a major shopping attraction, drawing visitors from throughout the region. Port Washington, the countys first settlement, was once181 57a major commercial fishing port and still boasts one of the areasPOPULATION:92,035 COUNTY SEAT:Port Washingtonfinest marinas. It is also a major manufacturing center, with several business parks located on the citys west side.Ozaukee County is rich in natural beauty. Harrington Beach Statecounty. Mequons beautiful scenery and rural location have made it Park, located north of Port Washington, is one of the most scenicone of the most affluent and rapidly growing suburbs in the area. It state parks in the state. The Ozaukee Interurban Trail is aboasts majestic lakeshore bluffs, stately homes, numerous golf converted 30-mile railroad right-of-way that is now used by walkers,courses and easy access to the interstate. Many of Wisconsins joggers and cyclists. Whether you choose to live in Portprofessional athletes have homes in this area, as does Concordia Washington, historic Cedarburg or suburban Mequon, youll enjoyUniversity, a four-year liberal arts school. Thiensville is a smaller the pace of life in Ozaukee County.MUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2022 WebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales Price Tax RateMequon/ThiensvilleMEQUON$135,42530 minutes$578,500 ci.mequon.wi.us25,051 13 miles $13.50Mequon and Thiensville are the urban communities of OzaukeeSchools: Mequon-ThiensvilleCounty, accounting for nearly one-third of the countys population.THIENSVILLE$73,00740 minutes$619,000 The Milwaukee River meanders lazily through the twovillage.thiensville.wi.us3,18317 miles $14.86communities, which are located at the southern edge of theSchools: Mequon-Thiensville70 YOUR RELOCATION RESOURCE'