b'MOVE MKE: RACINE COUNTYEastern Racine Countyedge of 279-acre Tichigan Lake, with Rochester located just to its south.Mount PleasantSturtevant Elmwood Park MUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2023 WebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales Price Located southwest of Racine along Highway 11 (Durand Avenue),Tax Ratethese communities boast relaxed living and easy access to theROCHESTER$90,37715 minutes$350,500 urban comforts of Racine, Milwaukee and northern Illinois. Mountrochesterwi.gov3,82215 miles $13.83Pleasant is the largest of the three communities, covering much ofSchools: Burlington Area; Waterford Graded; Waterford UHS the land between I-94 and Racine. Mount Pleasant is the second- WATERFORD$77,57115 minutes$377,000 most populous community in the county. Sturtevant is a villagewww.waterford.wi.gov5,69020 miles $16.29surrounded by Mount Pleasant that is the home of InSinkEratorSchools: Washington-Caldwell; Waterford Graded; Waterford UHSand also a stopping point for Amtrak, which makes it an easy commute to either Chicago or Milwaukee. Elmwood Park is a small, upscale community located just southwest of Racine.MUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2023Western Racine County WebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales Price Tax Rate DoverUnion GroveYorkvilleELMWOOD PARK$77,18820 minutes$332,000 vil.ep.wi.us508 20 miles $15.59 Life is relaxed in rural Racine County, where there is a wealth of Schools: Racine Unified recreational opportunities for people of all ages. Bucolic in nature, it MOUNT PLEASANT$81,05315 minutes$319,500is only a half-hour drive from downtown Milwaukee and Milwaukee www.mtpleasantwi.gov28,19115 miles $16.65 Mitchell International Airport. Union Grove, at the intersection of Schools: Racine Unified U.S. 45 and Hwy. 11, is home of Great Lakes Dragaway, a STURTEVANT$74,68820 minutes$310,500popular quarter-mile track for drag racing.sturtevant-wi.gov6,804 15 miles $17.03 MUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2023 Schools: Racine Unified WebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales Price Tax RateDOVER$77,16925 minutes$320,000 Caledonia/Raymondtownofdoverwi.com4,13425 miles $11.93Schools: Dover #1-Kansasville; Union Grove UHSLocated at the northern end of Racine County, the villages ofUNION GROVE$67,40525 minutes$365,000 Caledonia and Raymond offer a rural setting that is midwayuniongrove.net5,04030 miles $15.86between Racine and Milwaukee. Caledonia is one of the largestSchools: Union Grove J1; Union Grove UHSvillages in the state with just over 25,000 residents. Covering all ofYORKVILLE$90,41730 minutes$390,500 eastern Racine County between Racine and the Milwaukee Countyvillageofyorkville.com3,27330 miles $13.86line, it is a rapidly developing area because of its proximity toSchools: Union Grove J1; Union Grove UHS; Yorkville J2Milwaukee and the interstate. Raymond, the site of much recent development, is conveniently located west of I-94 between Highway K and the Milwaukee County line. It is home to theBurlington bustling 7 Mile Fair, a year-round event that is promoted as the granddaddy of flea markets and offers a plethora of items fromThis fun-loving city has an international reputationif you can trust anyone who tells you about it! The city, home of the Burlington farm-fresh produce to home and garden decor to hobby items.Liars Club, has been Fibbing for Fun and Folly since 1929. MUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2023 WebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales PriceAnnually, the club bestows upon one person the dubious honor of Tax Rate being the world champion tallest-tale teller, with the famous Fibber CALEDONIA$87,96120 minutes$364,000McGee taking the prize in 1935. Truth be told, Burlington has a lot caledonia-wi.gov25,47815 miles $15.69 to offer. Located at the junction of the White and Fox rivers, historic Schools: Racine Unified Burlington has long been a crossroads of commerce and is the RAYMOND$72,00020 minutes$315,000Midwest home of Nestl USA. It also is surrounded by natural raymondwi.com3,94815 miles $11.76 beauty, boasting more designated Rustic Roads than any other Schools: Raymond #14; Union Grove UHS county in the state. Lake Geneva, a popular resort town on the shores of the deep, spring-fed waters of Geneva Lake, is relatively nearby, offering a gateway to the states Southern Lakes region.MUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2023 Waterford/RochesterWebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales Price Tax RateBURLINGTON$71,79325 minutes$273,000 Waterford and Rochester are growing communities located along11,166 20 miles $16.61the Fox River between the Tichigan Lake area to the north andburlington-wi.gov Schools: Burlington Area; Randall J1; Wheatland J1Burlington to the south. Both offer easy commutes to Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine, Kenosha and Lake Geneva. Waterford is situated at the intersection of highways 36 and 20 on the southern discovermilwaukee.com 71'