b'MOVE MKE: MILWAUKEE COUNTYBaysideBrown74 100 Deer River32Hills Fox181PointGlendale Lake14541 \x1e 57 Whitefish MichiganBay4143Shorewood190 190145100 57MilwaukeeVISIT Milwaukee WauwatosaMILWAUKEE COUNTY 41 Downtown\x1f 18 181 794 Milwaukee181894 WestUrban Energy &West Milwaukee5941Trendy Living 894 Allis Bay View94St. FrancisM ilwaukee is a county of extremes. It is one of the states smallest2462counties geographicallyand its most populous. Its mood rangesGreenfieldfrom the hustle and bustle of Milwaukees downtown to the rural894 Cudahy43quietness of River Hills, Hales Corners and Franklin. There is the Hales General 32nightlife revelry in the Deer District, and the quiet serenity of the119 Mitchell36Corners International15,000-acre Milwaukee County park system, among the largest inGreendale Airportthe nation. Theres the majestic fury of Lake Michigan on a blustery November day and the quiet gurgling of the Kinnickinnic River.45 South38There are stately lakefront mansions and modest bungalows. There100 Milwaukeereally is something for everyone in Milwaukee County.Franklin94 Oak CreekMilwaukee 45 N10041Milwaukee is the hub of the metropolitan area. The 31st largest3 miles 32city in the nation, and fifth-largest city in the Midwest, it is known for its cleanliness, beauty and diverse population. It is a communityPOPULATION:939,487 COUNTY SEAT:Milwaukeewith a big-city soul and a small-town heart. And because of Milwaukees rich tapestry of ethnic heritages, theres a variety ofare located throughout the downtown areain the citys central neighborhoods from which to choose, each with its own distinc- business district; just north of downtown in Brewers Hill, one of tive flavor. Milwaukees oldest neighborhoods; in the Park East corridor near Downtown LivingDowntown Milwaukee is one ofFiserv Forum and the Deer District, home of the NBA Champion the most exciting residential areas in the metropolitan region. TheMilwaukee Bucks professional basketball team; and in the trendy citys investment in an award-winning riverwalk along theThird Ward and Fifth Ward/Walkers Point areas south of down-Milwaukee River, coupled with a growing demand for urban pro- town. Of these areas, the Third Ward is the most developed. fessionals to be near the action, has spawned a multitude ofLocated in a former warehouse district, its brick buildings have upscale apartment and condominium projects. These new homes become a magnet for boutique shops, unique eateries, profession-al offices, condominiums and apartment homes. MUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2023 WebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales PriceTheEast Side s unofficial boundaries run from the Milwaukee Tax Rate River east to Lake Michigan and from the city limits south to Ogden MILWAUKEE$45,3180-30 minutes$202,000Avenue. One mile wide and three miles long, its crammed with city.milwaukee.gov577,3090-15 miles $21.89 dozens of neighborhoods, scores of specialty stores and an Schools: Milwaukee Public Schools extremely diverse population. It includes Prospect Avenue, where discovermilwaukee.com 59'