b'MOVE MKE: MILWAUKEE LIVINGEnjoy the seasons in all their glory! VISIT Milwaukee VISIT Milwaukee VISIT Milwaukee VISIT MilwaukeeThe Milwaukee Region offers four distinct seasonssummer, fall, winter and springeach with its own unique beauty and recreational opportunities. Lake Michigan moderates temperatures along the lakeshore, making it slightly cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. There are typically only seven days per year when the temperature is 90 degrees or higher. 313 days per year are above freezing (32 degrees), with an average winter temperature of 31 degrees. The average daily temperature is 78 degrees in the summer, which is perfect for sailing on the lake, playing golf or attending one of the areas many outdoor festivals. July is the sunniest month, with 66 percent of the days bathed in sunshine. Spring paints the landscape emerald green; fall is a kaleidoscope of colors as trees make way for winter. The average daily temperature in spring is 55 degrees; in the fall, it is 60 degrees. Winter brings about 47 inches of snow, just enough to turn the region into a winter wonderland and offer opportunities for skiing and snowmobiling. ACCESSIBLE, AFFORDABLE & IDEALLYLOCATEDMilwaukee compares favorably to cities of similar sizein regard to commute time, living costs, home prices and rents.METROAREA POPULATION COMMUTELIVING COSTS HOME PRICES MEDIAN RENTAtlanta 6.2 million 27 minutes $105,057 $370,000 $2,100Boston 4.9 million 31 minutes $154,799 $714,000 $2,800Charlotte, NC 2.8 million 26 minutes $100,103 $398,000 $1,200Chicago 9.4 million 35 minutes $127,141 $351,000 $2,500Columbus, OH 2.2 million 22 minutes $93,705 $313,000 $1,300Dallas/Fort Worth 7.9 million 27 minutes $108,772 $382,000 $2,100Denver 3.0 million 25 minutes $116,821 $661,000 $2,200Indianapolis 2.1 million 23 minutes $95,769 $305,000 $1,200Kansas City 2.2 million 22 minutes $98,039 $320,000 $1,300MILWAUKEE/RACINE 1.8 million 22 minutes $100,000 $372,000 $1,200 Minneapolis/St. Paul 3.7 million 23 minutes $109,701 $380,000 $1,600Portland, OR 2.5 million 26 minutes $135,191 $585,000 $2,000San Jose, CA 1.9 million 30 minutes $202,580 $1,800,000 $3,100Tampa/St. Petersburg 3.3 million 24 minutes $91,950 $405,000 $1,900NOTES: POPULATION estimates for metropolitan area taken from U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division - July 2022 COMMUTE indicates average one-way commute time (2014-2018 American Community Survey - U.S. Census Bureau data). LIVING COSTS based on the relative cost-of-living index (ACCRA Cost-of-Living Index - 2018). Depicts what a person living on $100,000 in Milwaukee would spend elsewhere. HOME PRICES indicate median sales price of single-family homes (2023 - National Association of REALTORS).MEDIAN RENT is the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment (2023 Estimates - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development).discovermilwaukee.com 11'