b'MOVE MKE: WAUKESHA COUNTYNew Berlin boasts many beautiful homes, with a variety of MUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2023 WebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales Pricesubdivisions, as well as condominium and apartment complexes in Tax Rate this wide-ranging and still-growing community. Water lovers flock CHENEQUA$173,57140 minutes$2,139,000to Muskego, one of the countys fastest-growing communities, chenequa.org530 25 miles $10.00 which offers three lakes for summer and winter enjoymentBig Schools: Arrowhead UHS; Lake Country; North Lake; Stone Bank; SwallowMuskego Lake, Little Muskego Lake and Lake Denoon. A short DELAFIELD$87,04540 minutes$502,500drive away is the small community of Wind Lake. Its proximity to cityofdelafield.com7,17224 miles $11.23 three lakesWind, Long and Waubeeseehas made it popular Schools: Arrowhead UHS; Hartland Lakeside J3; Kettle Moraine; Lake Country for both summer and year-round homes.DOUSMAN$66,79245 minutes$435,500 2,42630 miles $14.47 MUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2023 villageofdousman.comWebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales Price Schools: Kettle Moraine Tax RateHARTLAND$88,38240 minutes$575,000MUSKEGO$104,08225 minutes$392,000 villageofhartland.com9,946 25 miles $10.34 cityofmuskego.org25,34315 miles $10.32Schools: Arrowhead UHS; Hartland-Lakeside J3; Lake Country; Merton; Swallow Schools: Muskego-NorwayLAC LA BELLE$159,16745 minutes$1,244,500NEW BERLIN$87,24825 minutes$382,500 villageoflaclabelle.com283 30 miles $13.52 newberlin.org40,42614 miles $12.07Schools: Oconomowoc Area Schools: New Berlin; West Allis-West MilwaukeeMERTON$154,46440 minutes$862,500 villageofmerton.com3,48232 miles $9.22 SouthwesternSchools: Arrowhead UHS; Merton Community; RichmondNASHOTAH$100,62540 minutesWaukesha County $669,500 nashotah-wi.gov1,319 25 miles $10.14Schools: Arrowhead UHS; Lake CountryEagleMukwonagoWales VernonNorth PrairieGeneseeOCONOMOWOC$95,91445 minutes$399,000 18,485 30 miles $13.87 Southwestern Waukesha County is a rural wonderland where oconomowoc-wi.govpeople enjoy nature. This region is becoming increasingly popular Schools: Oconomowoc Area; Stone Bankbecause of its beautiful scenery. It is home to the southern unit of OCONOMOWOC LAKE$216,25045 minutes$1,504,500the Kettle Moraine State Forest, but also has easy access to oconlake.com57230 miles $12.86 Milwaukee via I-43. There are several upscale residential Schools: Oconomowoc developments located in the Eagle area, many of which have set PEWAUKEE$110,26945 minutes$431,500aside significant acreage to protect wetlands and wildlife. cityofpewaukee.us16,12725 miles $10.43 Mukwonago is the largest community in the area and is still Schools: Arrowhead UHS; Hamilton; Pewaukee; Richmond; Waukeshagrowing rapidly. It is located on Phantom Lake and the Fox River, SUMMIT$121,87545 minutes$545,500just southwest of the Vernon Marsh State Wildlife Area. Its also 5,06130 miles $10.88 a short drive from Alpine Valley, the largest ski hill in southeastern summitvillage.orgWisconsin and a popular outdoor music venue. Wales, located on Schools: Oconomowoc the Ice Age Drumlin Trail, provides plenty of country living Louis residents took the train to Oconomowoc to relax at theoptions.resorts or in one of the areas many palatial houses. Lake Road in Oconomowoc Lake used to be known as Presidents AvenueMUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2023 WebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales Price because so many of the countrys leaders vacationed here,Tax Rateincluding Taft, Grant, Cleveland, Coolidge, McKinley and TeddyEAGLE$110,00040 minutes$384,000 Roosevelt. Delafield has taken on a decidedly historic theme, withtownofeaglewi.us3,521 35 miles $8.59several buildings designed in Williamsburg-style motifs. Schools: East Troy; Kettle Moraine; Mukwonago; Palmyra-EagleHartland is located in the center of Waukesha Countys LakeGENESEE$103,97340 minutes$361,000 Country. Twelve major lakes are located within five miles of thetowngenesee.org7,18725 miles $9.09village, which features a scenic downtown surrounded by homesSchools: Kettle Moraine; Mukwonago; Waukeshadating back to the 1920s. Pewaukee is located on the northeasternMUKWONAGO$134,45635 minutes$435,000 edge of Pewaukee Lake, the largest lake in the area for sailing,villageofmukwonago.gov8,15730 miles $14.06waterskiing, boating and swimming. Local and national sailingSchools: East Troy; Mukwonagoregattas are common throughout the summer. During the winter,NORTH PRAIRIE$106,68845 minutes$430,000 the lake is speckled with ice-fishing shanties. Chenequa is a small,northprairie.net2,208 30 miles $10.69exclusive community that features expansive homes wrappedSchools: Mukwonagoaround the shores of prestigious Pine Lake.VERNON$110,20830 minutes$355,500 villageofvernonwi.org7,486 19 miles $8.95New Berlin/MuskegoSchools: Mukwonago $98,12540 minutes$590,000 WALES Although originally settled in the 1800s, most of this area wasvillageofwales.gov2,91725 miles $11.39developed in the last 50 years as Milwaukee moved westward.Schools: Kettle Moraine discovermilwaukee.com 65'