b'MOVE MKE: RACINE COUNTY164 36 38 3245 Caledonia83 31 Wind PointWaterford 94North Bay20Mt.20 Pleasant 38Rochester83 75 45 20 Racine36 SturtevantBurlington 11 Union 41 11 31Grove 32142 3 miles83 NPOPULATION:198,138 COUNTY SEAT:RacineRacine Marina companies, including SC Johnson, CNH Industrial and Modine RACINE COUNTY Manufacturing. Few Lake Michigan communities have capitalized on their location as well as Racine. North Beach, located just north of the downtown, offers swimmers, joggers and sun worshippers more than one mile of clean, sandy beach. Racines Reefpoint Marina is one of the largest recreational boat facilities on Lake A New Engine ofMichigan with just over 920 boat slips. Adjacent to the marina is Festival Park, which hosts many of Racines ethnic festivals.Economic Growth MUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2023 WebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales Price Racine County has something to offer everyonefrom luxuryTax Ratecondominiums overlooking a modern marina, to a quiet lake lotRACINE$48,23815 minutes$244,500 reminiscent of Scandinavia. It is home to family-run dairy farms andcityofracine.org77,24020 miles $22.73major national corporations, including CNH Industrial, ModineSchools: Racine UnifiedManufacturing and SC Johnson. Its also the home of Foxconns research and manufacturing campus and the new Microsoft Data Center currently under construction in the Foxconn Science +Wind Point/North Bay Technology Park with a plan to be operational in late 2026. Theres a lot of history in the countyalong the many rustic country roadsLocated just north of Racine, first trod by buffalo, in the Victorian homes of Burlington, and atthese two lakeshore communi-Frank Lloyd Wrights Wingspread Conference Center in Windties boast some of the finest Point, a National Historic Landmark. The first electric refrigeratorhomes, boutiques and shops in was built in Racine and telling tall tales first became an art form inthe county. One of the earliest Burlington. Racine County is an outdoor lovers paradise. In additionsettlements, Wind Point sits to the fishing opportunities offered by Lake Michigan, the countyon a small peninsula that juts has established nearly 120 miles of bike trails on lightly traveledinto Lake Michigan. The Wind roads. There are also four off-road trails that connect with trails inPoint Lighthouse, built in Milwaukee and Kenosha counties. Quarry Lake Park is considered1880, is considered to be the a scuba divers dream, while the 80-acre River Bend Natureoldest and tallest lighthouse still Center offers hiking, birdwatching, nature studies and canoeing.operating on the Great Lakes. The Racine Zoo is located on 32 acres of Lake Michigan shoreline.The area has long been a pre-The arts have strong roots in Racine County. The Racineferred residential area for many Frank Lloyd Wrights WingspreadSymphony Orchestra is one of the states oldest continuouslyof Racines civic leaders. Located here is Wingspread. Built by performing orchestras, established in 1932. In the same year, TheFrank Lloyd Wright for Herbert and Jane Johnson in 1938, it is Haylofters, one of Wisconsins oldest community theater troupes,the last of Wrights Prairie homes and is now used as a confer-was formed and performs to this day at Burlingtons historic Maltence center.House Theatre. Visual art lovers will want to explore the Racine MUNICIPALITYMedian IncomeTime to AirportMedian 2023 Art Museum and Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts. WebsitePopulation Miles to Downtown Home Sales Price Tax RateWIND POINT$112,65610 minutes$535,000 Racinewindpoint.org1,64412 miles $13.55Schools: Racine UnifiedAn economic center of its own, Racine developed independently NORTH BAY$91,25015 minutes$700,500 and sometimes in competition withthe early industrial centers ofnorthbay-wi.us20815 miles $17.65Milwaukee and Chicago. Today it is home to several prominentSchools: Racine Unified70 YOUR RELOCATION RESOURCE'